Monday, March 21, 2022

Room Two37 - Balance, Distance, Symmetry [200X]


Room Two37 - Balance, Distance Symmetry

Room Two37 was a Swedish screamo band who had two releases in the early 2000's with a song on a compilation
this is their only release that seems to exist and a nice discogs user sent this to me

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Lorax - Unless [2009 CD-r]


Lorax was a short lived Australian emo band based off the book ofc 

3-track CDR EP self-released in 2009.


released January 1, 2009

Julian Ingall - guitar and most of the vox
Mitchell Goodfellow - drums and vox
Reuben Ingall - bass and vox

not much else to say but its an awesome find

Lorax - Unless [2009 CD-r]

Saturday, February 26, 2022

A Stylish Horror [2012-2013]


post-hardcore/screamo/pop punk

A Stylish Horror was a post-hardcore band from indiana.
not a lot to say about them. i gathered all the songs i could from them to share with all you including a song from a side project from the bassist Jamie, called Future Living, not a lot is known about this project either, i could only find 1 song by them online.
heres where i originally found a stylish horror while looking for music from indiana 

Friday, February 25, 2022

Her Last Whisper - A Simple Touch To Forget Everything [2003]



"Her Last Whisper was formed in the middle of year 2003, by 5 kids who study in a local institution in melaka. Influenced by hardcore and emo bands, we decided to get serious and started to write our own songs. Has come with one demo ‘a simple touch to forget everything” which contains 4 songs. The lines up are Peng-drum, Berg-bass, Faris-guitar, Yu-guitar and Saufi-vocal."


timber - discography [2007 - 2008]


skramz/hardcore punk/post-hardcore
timber was a short lived emo/post-hardcore band from maryland
not a lot is known but ill tell you my personal experience with this band.
my friend uploaded their 2007 demo and i fell in love with their sound. i found their discogs page after a friend sent it and i saw a user who had a copy of their 2007 + 2008 demo and when i asked if he could rip it for me he sent both, including their "last show tape" which seems to include some random recordings and alternate demos for songs. enjoy!

the cover is of their 7"

Le Flange Du Mal - Self Titled [2004]



copy and pasted from kimoscio on last.fms artist bio

Le Flange du Mal began in September 2003 as a celebration of American ignorance. The original line-up of Chris Rolls (earwicker) and Chris Cones (earwicker) set out to encode its formula of drrty distorto-booty bass noise and odes to mind-controlled sex slavery on state of the art blownout 4 track tape. These recordings eventually made the jump to the much vaunted "cdr" format with the mini-tour release of "What Does Not Kill Me, I Hate".

The brain-damaged duo quickly joined forces with Jason Stamberger(Crack W.A.R.) on keys and Liz Allbee(MurderMurder/everybody in San Francisco!) on trumpet, keys and vocals.Their first show was at the Hemlock Tavern on October 28 with Alarmist.Since then, they have played with such bands as Japanther, Not Breathing, the Weegs, Burmese, Intelligence, The Flying Luttenbachers and Comets On Fire.

Somewhere along the way, Stamberger began referringto Le Flange Du Mal as a "synth-doom juggernaut" Some have referred to thesound as live IDM on glue Still others prefer unintelligible seizure-core.With the hyper-advanced compositional capabilities of Stamberger and Allbee,the four began forays into the outer unseen realms of noise-jazz and dance-metal.

this band is super fucking weird and u can even see a lot of their live performances

Le Flange Du Mal - S/T [2004]

accidently shot by hunters - demo [2001]


emo violence/lofi-metalcore/outsider screamo
accidently shot by hunters was as far as the information i can find, was a guy named kevin who recorded all the demo tracks with a 4 track cassette recorder and his friend kevin. they put out a demo and a split with Asian Task Force, and Slaves of the Metropolis which seems to missing. they also claim to be inspired by Weezer or influenced by them which i guess is true since they made a song with the riff from "the sweater song" and even used the riff in it, possibly a cover but its too lofi to really understand. the tracks are very very lofi and fuzzy so hopefully u love that, also many of the tracks are very short and sweet.
also thank u Alex Caprio for uploading this to youtube first. im suprised this was harder to find but i guess they are obscure and the name is kind of vague  

Room Two37 - Balance, Distance, Symmetry [200X]

  Room Two37 - Balance, Distance Symmetry Screamo/Metalcore/Emo Room Two37 was a Swedish screamo band who had two releases in the early 2000...